About the art of parenting and personal growth.

A consultation is a conversation with an individual or couple

It is a listening and confidential space in which to explore questions in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. In this space we can gain clarity and understanding; we can find values and intentions, and explore new ways forward in relationships and parenting issues.

The conversation

It develops according to individual needs. Starting with your initial question or concern, a creative dialogue develops. There is a dynamic exchange and active listening. The starting point is to accept the situation as it is in the present moment. The questions can then be deepened and the perspective widened, which opens new possibilities for shifting the life situation, gaining insights and finding the kind of balance we or our children need.

Some of the issues that may be explored

Aspects of education: Responding to young children. Building security and self-steam. Enhancing play…
Particular concerns: Behavior problems. Dealing with tantrums. Sleep needs…
Decision-making and transitions: Choosing a school. Moving house. Breast-feeding.
Clothes. Toys…
Relationships: Noticing helpful dynamics. Understanding unhelpful ones and how they can be changed…
The importance of self care for the adult: Giving attention to yourself and finding ways to increase your energy.
Recognition of the child: Building a clear picture of the child and his/her needs. Discover who they are and what they are telling us.
Celebrating achievements.
Making visible what we value and already have.

A single session can contribute greatly to restoring harmony

Practical information

Consultations take place in Forest Row, England and Barcelona.

The first or a one off consultation is usually one and a half hours.
A series can be arranged according to need.

Please phone 01342 826727 for an appointment.
Telephone consultations could also be considered. Please pay your telephone consultation by cheque made payable to "A Time for Childhood". And send to: A Time for Childhood. 53, Upper Close. Forest Row. East Sussex RH18 5DS. England