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Would you like to support the work for a better childhood
and the task of parenting?

Participants and colleagues are building a growing network of friends in England and Barcelona through their interest in the work. Courses are organised regularly from Rosa d’Abril Kindergarten in Barcelona and from London. Other colleagues request our themes for their courses, and some other friends help with advertising. A group contributes with donations and participants often tell others about this work.

Workshop participants often ask these questions; “How can I continue the work that I have started?” “How can I nurture and maintain my intentions?”
Some have kept in touch and come back to take part in other courses. One way is to be part of our network and keep up to date with our impulse. This connection gives us the benefit of a social network with friends, parents, teachers and therapists, in which to work together for a better childhood.

The Network Initiative can offer:

• A space to be in contact through the web.
• The possibility to link to other friends.
• A source of inspiration for your own work.
• Access to all available publications.
• A six monthly informative newsletter, to which you can contribute with your own experiences and leanings.

The Network Initiative welcomes your support:

To continue expanding this work it is essential for this initiative to have financial support, particularly in the following areas:
• Mailing and administration costs.
• The cost of a web-site and it maintenance.
• The research needed for further writings: The book project and others.
• The preparation of new workshops.
• The creation of a Fund to support parents in need of concessions for our services

What people have said:

“Thank you for an inspiring and enjoyable day at the Creative Discipline workshop on Sunday.
I think that this is very important work. I will be subscribing to the network at my earliest free moment, and look forward to learning more.”
Mother of a boy aged three.

“The workshop on play I did a few months ago was very valuable for me and my wife. It was the door to a great healing. You forget that once you were ‘they’. We looked at our own hardly explored childhood with the question; how can it be better for our children? It challenged my own perfection and allowed me to see more clearly what we are trying to create for them. The experiential approach brought the understanding of ‘where my children are”.
Father of three young children.


If you would like to receive our news and be part of the network of friends-A Time for Childhood,
please send an e-mail with your name, address and telephone number to referring to SUBSCRIPTION (September to August annually)
Please pay your contribution by cheque made payable to A Time for Childhood. And send to: A Time for Childhood. 53, Upper Close. Forest Row. East Sussex RH18 5DS. England
Please indicate if you are a new friend or are renewing the subscription. We will send you our news in January and September by E-mail.