As we meet the challenges of today’s life, new questions emerge in us.
This brings about the need for new research, the outcome of which has the potential of being a positive influence in our everyday lives.

Workshops open the way for the expression of questions, concerns, and learning. By asking relevant questions we deepen the understanding of life situations and widen our view. Workshops stimulate research, as participants bring their own themes and experiences to share.

In active learning our questions become research questions. We start a journey of personal growth in which, in order to find answers we change ourselves in the process.

With clear observation and giving time ‘to listen‘, we make new discoveries. In groups, we gather the harvest from our work and open our eyes to the new realisations, and the inspiration that helps us to shape the future

Some areas of research are:

What are children’s real needs?
How to set healthy boundaries?
In which way do children lose their childhood?
What do adults’ life stories tell us about the needs of the first years?
What can restore childhood?
How does the period of the 2-4 years influence further relationships?
Why do we adults get angry with children?
How to cultivate and transmit calmness?
How to enrich our lifes and care for our adult’s needs?
What are the essentials of parenting?

Research done in biography work shows how:

The first years of life need a foundation of inner nourishment and outer care that will become inner sustaining forces available for the future.
These forces will be the resources needed to meet the challenges of life and enjoy the wonder of living.
The more we take up our role as adults, the more we give children the possibility to be children.

What people have said
“I found the discussion on that day incredibly enlightening and inspiring. To sit down with like-minded people and share our observations, with someone with a wealth of experience, and who observes and researches in such a gentle way, was absolutely invaluable.”
Gina Steen lives in London and her daughter is two years old.

The research work needed for workshops and writing requires time and resources.
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