From Forest Row in East Sussex (an hour’s journey from Central London) we are offering a new therapy using Crystal Bed equipment. The process of therapy is known as Crystal Bath.
My husband and I discovered the Crystal Bed therapy in Brazil and personally benefited from it. We are not experts in crystal healing, our interest comes more from our own experience. When in April 2008 we arrived in Brazil for the second time we took Crystal Bath treatments to help us recover from our long flight and the days of preparation beforehand. The outcome of the sessions was surprising to us: we felt a release of tension in the muscles; an easing up of my abdominal pain; and an increased sense of well being experienced as a feeling of being centred and at peace.

After that session, a thought came to me: What about offering this therapy to clients and people we know?” We heard at the time many other stories of its healing influences and we decided to bring a Crystal Bed to England with the permission of The Casa healing centre in Abadiania, Brazil ). This is now available to all of you.

What the treatment involves
For approximately 30 minutes the person relaxes lying on a bed and listening to soft music. The natural quartz crystals shine colour and light on her/his centres of energy (Chakras) The Crystal Bed assists in cleansing, balancing and opening an individual’s energy field. The treatment enables a restful meditation time that has the effect of harmonizing and vitalizing body, soul and spirit.

During the session
Perhaps you can choose to: 
Be in tune with the body and the releasing of tension;
Breathe deeply or do some meditation or prayer;
Focus on a life question you would like to resolve;
Give attention to aspects of soul life: emotions and feelings;
Have a petition for spiritual help; or
Simply relax and ‘just be’.

Possible benefits of the treatment              
This aid for relaxation has a potential for healing a diversity of complaints. Experiences vary from individual to individual: from peacefulness and relaxed feelings to relief from pain, headaches and stress. There could be emotional issues surfacing at times, as can happen with other healing work.

We are happy to add this service to what is already on offer in form of workshops
and individual counselling. It is especially helpful to people going through change and looking to increase their resources.

When Crystal Bed therapy may be helpful:
To help meet the demands of parenting;
To build up strength and resources to overcome illness;
During and after a stressful life situation;
When wanting to improve general well being or quality of sleep;
When preparing for a journey or recovering from it; and
As a ‘treat’ that will help you to enhance energy and balance.

Clients’ experiences:
“I had the sensation of being physically charged and revitalised while feeling mentally and emotionally calm and clear” J.W.


Cost:      £30 for 30 minutes session.
Alternately, the client may choose to have 20 or even 40 minutes.
Could have one to three sessions a week or just one off when it feels necessary.

For appointments or more information please contact us 01342 826727 or