Through personal growth, social awareness and
parenting skills we contribute to the benefit of childhood.

Participants have appreciated a space for the exploration of their questions related to the times we are living in, and the changes they are experiencing in themselves and in children.

‘A Time for Childhood’ offers workshops on The Art of Parenting and Personal Development.

We offer a program that tries to meet the themes which are of interest to participants. It is run from Barcelona, London and other places.
Workshops also arise at the request of individuals, groups and organisations.

Workshops open up opportunities for meaningful meetings, for finding and giving support and for learning. Working with themes and concerns of common interest has the effect of building community. ‘I feel I am not alone’ say the participants. We move in this way towards overcoming problems and celebrate childhood and adolescence; building a fabric in which self-knowledge, new strength and ideas can emerge. Courses encourage networking and contribute to the awareness of each other.

Through experiential exercises with colour, observation, group work and dialogue, participants can be active in their own learning process.


Facilitating dialogue is an important part of these courses. How do we practice it?
Sharing and deepening questions, bringing experiences and exercising a method of clear observation.
Creating a respectful listening and talking that can transmit honesty and compassion. What one person says may be significant for another.
In this environment we notice our capacities and what we want to cultivate; inspiring thoughts or relevant intuitions surface, and spiritual richness becomes apparent. Dialogue in the groups also helps to expand our perspective, enabling us to ‘see’ and understand more. A participant said:

“I want to see beyond my everyday life situation, to a bigger picture!”

Knowledge of Biography work has contributed in the groups to broaden the view. With this, we observe the first years of human development in connection with a wider picture of life. Then, the importance and value of what we do for children in the present lights up.

What people have said
“At each of the three workshops I've attended so far, I've been deeply affected by their gentle wisdom. It has resonated with, and strengthened, my belief in my own parenting instincts, which until now have so often been drowned out by the 'noise' and pressures of a busy-busy 21st century existence” A participant in a London workshop.
“I can’t wait to get home and put into practice my new ideas!”
This is a frequent comment.

Workshops on the Art of Parenting
Supporting the spirit of childhood

Sharing the journey of struggles and joys, we find light filled discoveries, as well as beneficial ways of approaching children
Workshops have a theme as the main focus. There are also opportunities for sharing questions and experiences related to parenting. During this work we may explore the influence of today’s world on adults and children; find ways of building trust; discriminate children’s real needs; build awareness of extremes; find ways of dealing with feelings; work with understanding of dynamics in relationships and raise awareness of the importance of adult self-care.
Workshops on the art of parenting are generally day workshops

Early years

The Young child.
How to understand childhood?

The first four years. Part - 1
How does the child experience the first phase of childhood?
The development of the child. Creating the environment he/she needs.

The first four years. Part - 2
How to educate children at this age? Nurturing healthy relationships.
What do the changes at three years bring?

From three to seven years. Part - 3
How does the individuality of the child unfold in this new phase of childhood?
The development of physical, emotional and spiritual abilities.

(Each part is a day workshop)

The care of the child
What are the important aspects of the child’s care? The development of the senses and the role of protection. What are the needs of children at this time?

Daily life with the child
Caring for our own energy by creating balance with the everyday elements of rhythm, behaviour, relationships and technology.

Parenting the young child
What are the different tendencies in parenting? Exploring how education can have a balancing effect on children. The path of parenting the young child.

Boundaries and the young child.
Are limits necessary? “The more I say no, the more he does it” How to gain children’s cooperation?
We will explore how to set up healthy boundaries at this age with some examples.

The Joy of Play
A practical workshop for adults about the importance of play in the early years. How to encourage play at home? We will be looking at how children practice and build abilities for life through play.


Crossing the bridge.
Understanding the years of transition from childhood to young adulthood. The role of the adult at this time. How to accompany the changes that take place? The unfolding of the individuality and the building of abilities for life.

To be a parent

These workshops are for adults with children at all different stages of development.

Essentials of parenting Part - 1
Exploring the challanges faced by parents today and the elements necesary for a new art of parenting. How to building the resources to support the spirit of childhood? Cultivating and transmitting calmness.

The Art of Creative Discipline. How to set healthy boundaries?

Understanding children’s need for boundaries. Part - 1
We will explore some of the challenges faced by parents to set boundaries that their
children will respect. How to set boundaries? We will work with examples. The positive effect of setting fair and loving boundaries.

The role of building healthy relationships. Part - 2
How can creative discipline support child development thereby enhance children’s potential?
Working with trust, flexibility and a clear orientation. Healthy boundaries as a preparation for life.

The role of Listening and understanding. Part - 3
Understanding and listening as the key to the well being of children and their improved behaviour. We will explore alternative ways of containing children’s behaviour. Perceiving what are children’s real needs. Recognising new gifts and impulses children bring to the world.

(Each part is a day workshop)

What people have said
“I have participated with several of the courses with beautiful consequences for my life, the life of my son and my partner…“Thanks for continuing to share this wonderful way of facilitating learning that has touched my Heart” M.J. Barcelona

“This workshop provided a different perspective on a difficult subject. I would be interested in further courses concerning the area of raising children” J.V. A mother of a young boy

“Good to meet and share ‘situations with other parents”. “It was an eye opener. Made me feel good about being a parent” R.M. Mother of a girl age

Workshops on Personal development

Workshops on Personal Development open up possibilities for adults to deepen self-awareness and healing. With Biography work we can look at our life story and find how the journey unfolds. Certain rhythms, themes and impulses of an individual nature can be discovered. We notice the flow of life: our meetings; turning points and the influences of decisions made in the past. We also perceive the inner side of our biography with dreams, feelings, our will impulses and aims. In biography there are moments of inwardness and moments of strong outer activity. The search for who we are continues throughout…

Biography work

The path of my life.
In this workshop we explore life phases and the potential each one brings. Experience gained in groups shows that sharing and learning about our first years of life, and our subsequent journey, is not only looking back but also moves us forward. The work helps to strengthen our own identity and connection to ourselves; generating new impulses for the future. By placing our experiences, events and challenges in the context of a journey, we learn to find meaning and discover a sense of purpose in our life path.
Weekend workshop: Friday evening to Sunday evening.

Our time of childhood.
This workshop explores our childhood and adolescence time. Giving conscious attention to that time helps us to heal, appreciate and understand our past; all of which enhance our trust and creativity in the present. This meaningful understanding of the first years of life and its influence in later stages of development, opens up new possibilities for the task of parenting and teaching.
This is a two day workshop

The inner Life and the art of Living

The experience in biography work has inspired further courses with various themes relating to the cultivation of our inner life and the art of living. In our group work we have discovered how strengthening our inner resources has a positive effect on the world around us.

We have worked with themes such as the understanding of the soul, working with a personal diary, enriching our life, cultivating relationships, finding our path, and working with questions.

These themes have been run as either three hour or day workshops. They have welcomed new comers as well as serving as follow ups sessions.

What people have said
"After a few days I still feel the peace. The quality of calmness reaches me and moves things. You speak to the heart”

” The courses represent a reconciliation with my childhood. This makes me very happy because apart from preparing for motherhood it is also a path of personal development. It goes even further by integrating this reconciliation from the earthly to the spiritual”
Fina from Barcelona